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New to PicFog?

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Google image search is broken. Try it with any current event - you will not see anything relevant.

PicFog delivers relevant results

Using twitter and the connecting image upload services, PicFog shows pictures from twitter as they're posted, in real time. You don't even need a twitter account to enjoy the benefits - and you can filter by any keyword, location or twitter user.

"Once again, PicFog’s results are much more relevant" - Mashable (Read more press)

How to use PicFog?

Easy: just type in a search keyword to the appropriate field on the left-hand side, and hit search. If you type a city name to the location field, you'll see pictures from that location. You can always see the currently trending keywords on the left-hand side. Red means breaking.

To get you started, we've set up a couple of pages where you can start:

Earlier trending - the keywords that were breaking in the last day, week or month.

PicFog Capitals - the biggest cities in the world, at least by the number of pictures.

PicFog Mayors - the most active photo sharers.

How is it done?

It's mostly secret, ha.

PicFog is, using all the crap that idiots call HTML5, leverages the twitter API, shows pictures from twitpic, yfrog, plixi, twitgoo. Trend descriptions are powered by What The Trend and comments by DISQUS.

The PicFog bird is drawn by Gergely Göndöcs.

More PicFog resources

Contact us! Follow updates about the website on twitter: @PicFog. For breaking news updates, follow @PicFog_Breaking For the insider scoop, sign up for the PicFog newsletter.

So who are you?

I'm Janos, a Hungarian living in London. PicFog is my one-day-a-week project. I have a blog called bits·done, mostly about PicFog. You can learn more about me on my homepage.

I profoundly believe there's more to PicFog than being just a part-time project, so if you're interested to hear more, drop me an email to jptoth@picfog.com.

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