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More and more websites are using the PicFog widget, so we decided to showcase some of the more interesting uses. Hover over the screenshots to see the widget - and click them to see the widget in action!

iPhone Painters Japan

iPhone Painters Japan is a very popular blog written in Japanese. Check out the widget - click the screenshot:

Everything NYC blog

New York twitterers @NewYorkology and @EverythingNYC use PicFog extensively. EverythingNYC even has a PicFog widget on its homepage, click to see it in action:

Codigo Venezuela

One of the more popular newspapers in Venezuela. They used the widget at the Venezuelan elections - check it out:

...your homepage / blog / news site?

If you like the examples above, you probably can't wait to try out the PicFog widget, and you are right! It takes about 3 minutes to embed a PicFog widget to your website hosting. It's free to try: I want to try this!

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